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Do you or someone you know snore?

Speaking from experience, snoring can truly effect your partner’s ability to sleep, but can also be a sign of a more serious medical issue. I never thought I had a problem till my wife started sleeping in the back room four to five times a week. She used to complain it was like sleeping with a lumberjack. Turns out, my snoring was just a symptom of something more serious. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2011, and a simple oral appliance not only gave my wife a good night sleep, but it gave me my life back. Unknowingly, I was suffering from severe daytime somnolence, which is a common side effect with those suffering from sleep apnea. All I wanted to do was close my eyes for five minutes and take a quick nap. Driving was sometimes challenging and I was often too tired to play with my kids. I was constantly lethargic. I used to make excuses that I had young kids and worked very hard, and that was the cause of my fatigue. Little did I know, my lack of breathing while I slept had a significant impact on my life. I started wearing a mandibular advancement appliance by Somnodent that helped open my airway while I slept. This allowed me to reach the proper stage of sleep, which ultimately allowed my body to “recharge”. Amazing what a little oxygen will do! 

 This is the appliance I wear.

This is the appliance I wear.

Yes, there are other modalities of treatment, such as a CPAP; however, there was no way I could wear that device on my face. This mouth guard was the appropriate treatment for me. It was the answer to many of our marital issues and to so many of my own personal health ailments. Many think snoring is not a serious medical issue. However, snoring can be a warning sign of significant heart, blood pressure, and potential stroke issues. If you know someone who snores make sure they seek the proper help. Many over-the-counter appliances do not alleviate symptoms properly, as they are uncomfortable and do not fit properly. More importantly they cannot be adjusted to open the airway effectively. It is important you seek medical care with a properly trained sleep dentist and physician who are trained in handling sleep disorders. It is important to make sure you are monitored and treated efficiently; your life can depend on it. Once properly diagnosed my oral appliance gave me my life back. It honestly felt like someone cleared the fog. It is comfortable to wear and I now have more energy throughout the day. My wife really appreciates it as she gets to sleep too. Since this is a medical issue oral appliances are often covered by your medical insurance, but you must have a diagnoses by a sleep specialist. 

This is a short video that shows how an oral appliance can move the jaw forward which opens the airway and allows you to breathe more easily while you sleep.