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Insurance and Financial Options

Our office strives to maintain the highest standard of care for our patients. What we are seeing is dental benefits becoming a barrier to achieving optimal dental health. Insurance companies continue to add restrictions and limitations on what they will approve as covered treatment. Therefore, we have made a conscious decision to not have our care influenced by the insurance companies and dictate our patient’s treatment. While the insurance companies continue to change their parameters of coverage to be more profitable; we cannot change our philosophy of providing superior dental care.

Our fees are based on the time, skills, care, materials, and judgement involved in your appointments. Our administrative team prides itself on assisting patients with understanding the benefits and limitations of their insurance plans. Although your relationship with your insurance company is totally separate from your relationship with our office, we will apply our years of experience to help maximize any insurance benefits that you may have. As a courtesy, we are happy to submit all dental claims to your insurance carrier on your behalf. Any PPO, traditional, or indemnity plans will reimburse you directly once the claim has been processed. Reimbursement amounts are based on your insurance carrier’s usual and customary rates and the percentage of coverage specific to the procedure submitted.

If you have active dental benefits, please provide a copy of your dental benefit card at your first appointment. If your dental carrier has not provided you with a benefit card please have your subscriber ID#, group#, and insurance company phone number available at the time of your visit.

Payment Information

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express), personal checks, and cash payments.  Payments are encouraged at the time of service.

We also participate with Care Credit.  There are a variety of payment options available, so the care you need and want is always with-in reach.  We would be more than happy to discuss the different plans we offer.

  Andrew Cohen, D.M.D. accepts Visa.
  Andrew Cohen, D.M.D. accepts  MasterCard.
  Andrew Cohen, D.M.D. accepts  American Express.