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Implants (Restorative)

Careful planning followed by implant placement sets a solid foundation for an array of restorative options.

After the healing period, crowns or bridges will be custom-made and attached to the implants with small screws or dental cement.  Numerous components help Dr. Cohen and his associates deliver the best result when completing the final stage. Our office will customize your implant case from initial planning to final placement, ensuring a result that will provide years of function and comfort.  This allows a full range of services to be considered, from the replacement of one tooth to restoration of the entire mouth. Regardless of your situation, there is a solution specific for you.

One of Healthcare’s Greatest Values

Even with all the benefits, the cost of dental implant procedures is an important consideration.  When your case brings together the latest imaging, advanced training, and unique material technologies, this service offers one of the best values in modern healthcare.  Compared to the replacement of other hard structures and joints of the body, most services with dental implants can be done at a small fraction of those costs.  Better yet, most patients carry on with normal activities right away and usually enjoy a lifetime of normal chewing, bite stability, and appearance.  

The cost of dental implant services involves several critical factors unique to each patient. A fee quoted without careful evaluation does not consider what is best for your mouth.  Comparisons may not account for the difference in the quality of materials used, along with the training of the doctor performing this highly technical service.  The doctors customizes treatment planning after they have spent time analyzing what would be best for each one. 

One thing remains certain: You will get the highest value possible in modern implant dentistry. That means years of natural function and a smile that is secure and makes you proud to show.  We look forward to discussing how we can partner together for the best solution for you!

The ultimate benefit of dental implants will be time spent enjoying the company of friends and family in any and all social settings.