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Andrew Cohen, DMD in Jenkintown, PA

Tame Your TMJ Pain

Using a Custom Oral Appliance

A TMJ Appliance That Works

Dr. Andrew Cohen understands what it’s like having to live with chronic TMJ pain. He’s created a method of treatment unique to our Jenkintown dental office using a custom oral appliance or TMJ appliance therapy. It’s one of the easiest ways to get rid of the TMJ pain that you struggle with every day and night. Let Dr. Cohen show you how to break the cycle of unrelenting headaches and TMJ pain. It’s safe, non-invasive, and doesn’t require surgery.

What Are Oral Appliances?

Some forms of TMJ or TMD treatments rely on oral appliances because this drug-free treatment has been proven to help patients relieve constant pain, stiffness, and all of the other uncomfortable TMD or TMJ symptoms you’ve been struggling with. TMJ appliances are created to fit comfortably in your mouth, covering both your upper and lower teeth. It works very similarly to a mouthguard you might wear while playing sports. Your oral appliance will help to alleviate what’s been hurting you over a period of months as you wear it more often.

Every Treatment is Different

Every treatment is different because every person is different. Your TMJ case or symptoms might be completely different than someone else’s, and that’s why we’re here! Dr. Cohen takes the time to understand your condition and concerns, especially when it comes to getting you out of pain. With the right TMJ appliance, we can help to reduce the pressure on your jaw joints that leads to stress, strain, and pain. As we said, every patient and every case is different, but most TMD symptoms can be treated in a short period of time using an oral appliance.

Customized Just for You

Dr. Cohen has some of dentistry’s most innovative technology that allows him to better understand what you’re experiencing with your TMJ issues. He uses special diagnostic tools to customize your oral appliance so that it fits perfectly in your mouth and reduces the stress on your TMJ. Generally worn at night, your oral appliance will provide you with long-term stability for minimizing your TMJ pain without having to worry about having surgery. Left untreated, TMD or TMJ issues can get worse with time, causing further damage to your joints and muscles.

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