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Andrew Cohen, DMD in Jenkintown, PA

Say Goodbye to Your TMJ Pain

Target What Hurts with TMJ Trigger Point Injections

Are you someone who constantly struggles with TMJ or jaw pain? Does it affect your life and your diet? Have you tried TMJ pain solutions, but nothing seems to work? Whether you have uncomfortable inflammation in your jaw, or acute, or chronic pain caused by your TMJ, know that Dr. Andrew Cohen is here to help. He’s helped hundreds of patients successfully beat their TMJ troubles using a unique technique exclusive to our Jenkintown dental office called TMJ trigger point injections or TPIs. The goal of TPIs is to alleviate the pain and reduce inflammation in the affected muscles, allowing for improved range of motion and overall function of the jaw joint.

What Can I Expect from My TMJ Trigger Point Injection?

The good thing about this type of TMJ pain solution is that it’s minimally invasive and it only takes a few minutes to complete. It is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed in a clinic or outpatient setting and typically takes only a few minutes to complete. The process is simple and involves using a small amount of local anesthetic into your muscle at specific “trigger points” where your pain is originating from. Trigger points are painful “knots” in your muscles. They form when a muscle can’t relax. Sometimes you can feel these knots when you rub your muscles. Injecting small amounts of anesthetic along with “needling” into the trigger point can help alleviate the pain. Our goal is to help you to have more control over your range of motion and overall function of your jaw joint.

Feeling the Benefits of Trigger Point Injections

TMJ trigger point injections have helped so many patients who suffer and struggle with chronic pain caused by muscle tension, especially in their jaw. This growing TMJ pain solution helps to:

  • Break the cycle of pain and inflammation
  • Improve mobility, function, and quality of life
  • Relieve patients from pain with a low-risk procedure
  • Enhance your quality of life without surgery or medications

Your TMJ trigger point injection treatment is relatively pain-free and the results will last longer than you could imagine.

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