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Improve the quality of your life

November 10, 2018

About a third of adults usually get less sleep than they need to stay happy and healthy. Not getting enough quality sleep has negative short- and long-term consequences. More and more research has confirmed the link to poor sleep and serious medical conditions. We can screen our patients’ sleeping patterns... Read more »


By Dr. Matt Garbin There was a time when most people associated charcoal with summer barbeques grilling with your family. Recently there has been a trend of putting activated charcoal in various healthcare and food products including face masks, ice cream, and even toothpaste. Toothpaste with charcoal has become a... Read more »


Johanna Johanna took on the role as our office manager in 2016. She began her career in dental and insurance operations in 2002. She has been extremely successful in maximizing our patient’s benefit coverage and reimbursement. Recently we partnered with Dedicated Sleep, a third-party billing group, to facilitate medical billing... Read more »

Book Reccomendation

by Dr. Steven Park Do you wonder why you feel tired and unwell? Dr. Cohen recently read a fantastic book by Dr. Steven Park - Sleep, Interrupted...

Dr. Cohen

Dr. Cohen is passionate about education not only his patients and community but other dentists from around the globe. This past May he traveled to Seattle to lecture to a group of dentists on the importance of creating a team of specialist to help patients achieve ideal dental health. While... Read more »