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April 6th 2019 our office was proud to Support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s (AFSP) at Lower Morelands “Out of Darkness Walk”

April 1, 2019

What's Your Color? Losing someone to suicide or struggling with a mental illness can feel like no one understands what you are goiong through. Each color shows our personal connection to the cause and helps us identify others who understand our experience. Why Walk? Because we need to change the... Read more »

What is the link between Sleep and Alzheimer’s Disease?

The body needs sleep to be healthy. Sleep is the time the body recovers and repairs itself. Scientist have discovered another important function of sleep and that is when the glymphatic system works to wash the brain of harmful proteins and toxins. The accumulation of toxic proteins such as beta... Read more »

Dental Management of Patients Prior to Initiation of Therapy

Patients should be evaluated by a dentist prior to initiation of antiresorptive or antiangiogenic therapy according to the guidelines below. All invasive dental procedures that involve manipulation of bone should be completed at least 4-8 weeks (or longer if clinically feasible) prior to initiation of therapy. • Update (within one... Read more »

How your dental appointment can improve your health

Osteoporosis Update: Many patients are on medication such as Zometa, Fosamax, Boniva, or Actonel to help treat and prevent osteoporosis. While these medications provide many benefits, they can also lead to side effects which affect your oral health. Healthcare providers and patients need to be aware of the signs, symptoms,... Read more »

Improve the quality of your life

November 10, 2018

About a third of adults usually get less sleep than they need to stay happy and healthy. Not getting enough quality sleep has negative short- and long-term consequences. More and more research has confirmed the link to poor sleep and serious medical conditions. We can screen our patients’ sleeping patterns... Read more »