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added on: November 10, 2018

By Dr. Matt Garbin

There was a time when most people associated charcoal with summer barbeques grilling with your family. Recently there has been a trend of putting activated charcoal in various healthcare and food products including face masks, ice cream, and even toothpaste. Toothpaste with charcoal has become a topic conversation in the practice and is something I wanted to learn more about and share my findings with all of you. These charcoal containing toothpastes are generally marketed as “whitening” and “all natural” products. While charcoal maybe an excellent remover of extrinsic stains due to the abrasive nature of the particles, there is a risk it can cause serious damage to your smile. I could never imagine using steel wool on my ceramic cookware, and I certainly never use something as abrasive as charcoal to clean my teeth. In addition activated charcoal is excellent at absorbing medications, if any is accidently swallowed it can reduce the effectiveness of other medications you may take. I would recommend avoid using charcoal containing toothpastes. If you are interested in a brighter smile we are always happy to help you with a safe an effective way to whiten your teeth

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